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On the Kingdom of God

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

God's Kingdom doesn't come with study, or careful observation;
It's not just some idea to be 'grasped', or a political nation…
God's Kingdom can only be perceived, if a person is born again -
If a person has received spiritual eyesight; then, and only then.
God's Kingdom is all about heavenly, and not earthly, treasures;
The poorest in spirit is greatest here, that is how God measures.
God's Kingdom is all about love, joy, and seeking His righteousness;
About being thankful and content, be it with more or with less.
God's Kingdom is about having peace with God, in the Holy Spirit;
About trusting in God's grace, and not in one's own merit.
God's Kingdom can only be entered by becoming humble and small;
By coming to Jesus like a little child, when we hear Him call.
God's Kingdom is within us; it grows slowly, unseen, in our hearts.
With a tiny mustard seed of faith, that's how true Life starts.
In God's Kingdom, one's own 'goodness' is not what's esteemed -
Only humble dependence on Christ, by whose blood we are redeemed!

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