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Always there

by Royston

Before the Daystar was in position
and the planets began their round.
Before galaxies were called into being
and a single star was found.

There standing at the threshold of 'The beginning',
preceding time and space.
God said 'Let there be' and the vast universe
nestled neatly into place.

Light commenced a great journey
bursting forth with its' illuminating ray
and thus began the glorious dawning
of that very first created day.

Many years have passed and gone since that first day
with its pristine light did shine
including times when in the garden Adam
walked and talked with God Divine.

But sin through disobedience brought
separation between God and man
and God through grace began to implement
His wonderful salvation plan.

To walk with humankind on the earth and to climb
Calvary's hill to die.
Saving us from the penalty of our sin
and the law to satisfy.

God has always been there,
throughout the history of the human race
Lord of lords He'll forever be,
when the new heaven and earth takes its place.

When this old creation has passed away
and the New Jerusalem appears.
Then multitudes of the redeemed will sing His praise
throughout eternal years.

This poem was a finalist in the December 2013 poetry contest

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