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by Peter the Poet © 2018


In the Beginning……

The Earth was without form, the calm before the Storm
And the Spirit hovered over the waters.
The Creator then spoke, and the elements awoke
So teach this to your Sons and your Daughters.

Creation Day 1, the story has just begun,

God said "Let there be Light" and the light became real,
Divided from Darkness, it had the Lord's seal.
He named the light Day and the darkness Night,
At the end of the first day all was going right.

Creation Day 2, Plenty more to do,

God said "Let there be Firmament" and the waters were parted,
Placed above and below he was just getting started.
The Firmament in the middle he then named Heaven,
It was the cake and God's Word was the leaven.

Creation Day 3, Just wait and see,

God said "Let dry land appear" and waters were gathered,
The Continent took shape and the Oceans lathered.
God said "Let there be Grass and Herbs and Fruit yielding Trees"
And all of it was so without spot or disease.

Creation Day 4, But wait there is more,

God said "Let the Heavens be lighted for Day and for Night,
A greater and lesser is called for and right.
The greater is the Sun and it rules the day,
The Moon rules the night and so it will stay.

Let them be signs and for times and Seasons,
God knows what he's doing and had valid reasons.
God set out the Stars in the blanket of sky,
And behold it was good, without word of a lie.

Creation day 5, The World's coming alive,

God said "Let there be Fish aswarm in the Sea,
And the sky full of Birds flying and free.
And the Great Sea Creatures let's not forget those,
The skies and the Sea full of life's how it goes".

Creation Day 6, let's diversify the mix,

God Said "Let there be living Creatures all over the land
All Beasts and Cattle by group and by band.
And also the Creeping things according to kind",
And behold it was good, but back to the grind.

God said "Let us make Man to be in our image",
A keeper of all from our Holy Lineage.
He then made a Woman to help him along,
"To go forth and multiply"…That didn't take long.

God gave them all herbs to be for their food,
All was abundant for the Adamic brood.
They tended the garden and walked with their God,
And all was provided without turning of sod.

Creation Day 7, Resting in Heaven,

Then God had a spell from the work he had done,
And he blessed this day as a sanctified one.
On this day remember That God made all things,
So look around and enjoy the blessing it brings.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.