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Psalm 115

by Robert Hawkins © 2022

LORD, not to us, Jehovah, never --
but we give glory to your name,
because of your great lovingkindness​
and steadfast mercy, we proclaim.

Why should we hear the nations saying,
Where is their God now? Tell us where.
But our God's in the highest heavens,
and doing what he pleases there.

​Their idols made of gold and silver,
made by and for humanity.
They have their mouths that do not open;
they have their eyes that do not see.

They have their ears but cannot listen;
they have their noses but can't smell.
Their hands and feet are simply useless;
their throats produce no sound as well.

Those making idols will be like them​,
with those who trust in what they've made.
Trust in the LORD, o house of Jacob!
For he's their shield, their help and aid.

Trust in the LORD, o house of Aaron!
For he's their shield, their help and aid.
Trust in the LORD, all you who fear him!
For he's their shield, their help and aid.

The LORD will not forget his blessings;
the LORD will bless us -- yes he will!​
The LORD will bless the house of Jacob;
the house of Aaron -- blessing still.

A blessing comes to those who fear him,
to those who humbly praise the LORD;
the great and mighty are rewarded,
the poor, the small and those ignored.

Now, may Jehovah richly bless you,
both you and children that you birth.
May you be blessed by LORD Jehovah,
who made the heavens and the earth.

The heavens are Jehovah's heavens,
to hold his glory and his throne.
but he has given earth to humans,
the sons of man for them to own.

The dead can't sing the LORD his praises
since dead do not have any breath,
nor any of the ones descending
into the silent realm of death.

​​But as for us, we'll bless Jehovah
as we have never done before,
we'll bless the LORD with all our being
from this time and forevermore.

​Praise the LORD!

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