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The Book of Genesis Part 4: BABEL

by Peter Fraser © 2020

All people of Earth had one common speech, no strange words to discern or dialects to teach,
They built a big city in the land of Shinar, and people came to live there from near and far.
With bricks and mortar, wood and stone the people worked fingers down to the bone,
For one common purpose one and for all, give 100% stand or fall.

Nimrod the Hunter was a man of might there, with powerful words and warriors stare,
He said "Let's be as one and build a high Tower, that touches the Heavens and shows our power".
The Tower should reach up to the very sky, when he said "Jump" they all said how high?
For we want a name that all will remember, lest we be scattered from here to December.

And God on his throne was a witness to all, and thought "A tower that high has a long way to fall,
The people are as one with single purpose in mind, nothing good will come of it I know we will find"
Let us go down and stir up their speech, There will be no one to follow and no one to teach,
When man gets together he causes trouble sure, his thoughts are of evil, his actions impure".

Man scattered and drifted across the Earth's face, all over the world they each found their place,
Tongues became tribes which grew into Nations, Village and Town became Civilisation.
The will of the Lord had been done very well, each race has its own story to tell,
So we remain separate with those of our ken, till the evil one seeks to unite us again.

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