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Freedom’s Sword

by Mark Spencer © 2022

America was built upon
Ideals which are all but gone.
The wealthy seek to rule us all!
To do so, liberty must fall.

They'll even defy prophesy,
To place their chains on you and me!
And very few will have the will,
To raise the flag and take the hill!

Those still young enough to fight.
Were never taught what's wrong and right!
And while their freedom slowly drowns,
They bicker over their pronouns!

But nobody is free from blame!
We've all enabled evil's game!
When Covid showed up on the scene
We flocked like sheep for that vaccine!

The only way to save this land,
Is for the brave, once more, to stand,
And tell them what we told King George!
We'll take our freedom to the forge …

Where it becomes a sword once more,
As sharp as it had been before!
That was a more courageous time.
Ours is a different paradigm!

We wait for heroes to appear,
While watching freedom disappear!
We hold out for a leader's brawn,
Until autonomy is gone!

Descendants will take up the fight,
For theirs will be a darker plight!
And we'll slip into history …
A lesson in what not to be!

Remembered as the cowardly,
Who gave away their liberty.
No faith in self, or in the Lord,
As they surrendered Freedom's Sword.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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