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Psalm 27

by Bettina Van Vaerenbergh

God is my light, and my soul's salvation;
So why would I ever fear?
Lord Jesus is the strength of my life;
He is so incomprehensibly, incredibly near.

Though troubles would greatly multiply;
Confident in God's love I can be.
My heart is fixed, and I will not fear;
God is for me, what can man do to me?

Even though Satan would attack me,
And the danger to my life be dire -
This one thing will I always seek after,
This one thing I ardently desireā€¦

To behold the beauty of the Lord my God,
And in His temple, His house to enquire;
To walk with Him all the days of my life;
This is what sets my soul on fire!

Lord Jesus hides me in His secret place
Whenever pain and anguish fill my cup;
God sets my feet high upon a rock -
When my spirit is downcast, He lifts me up.

My sacrifice to Him will be a joyful noise;
With my voice I'll sing His glorious praise;
My thankful heart cries out to Jesus:
Dear Lord, evermore I'll seek Your face!

When my father and my mother forsake me;
Then I trust You will take care of me.
Oh Thou, gracious God of my salvation -
Don't leave me alone; my Helper be!

Lead me now in the path of life, Lord Jesus;
Teach me, my God, each and every day.
Unless I had believed to see Your goodness;
My hope would surely have withered away.

His people, His saints, be of good courage;
Wait for Jesus; He is faithful and true.
Wait for Him, He will strengthen Your heart -
Yes, wait for the Lord, I say to all of you.

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