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Can Of Worms

by Mark Spencer © 2022

When you ask me to write about
Colossians two, verse eight.
I'll make you see what my soul sees,
Which may alter your fate!

Would you know what you're asking for?
How much have you explored?
Colossians warns us not to choose
The world over the Lord.

The verse speaks of philosophy.
Of this, there are two kinds.
The kind that glorifies our God,
And that of earthly minds.

Reading the words of Socrates
Expands secular sight.
He focused on this world's affairs,
And never touched God's light.

But Jesus spoke of God alone,
In lessons that He taught.
The parables that He would share,
Were what the spirit sought.

So let's apply this verse to us,
And our philosophy.
For isn't that the seeds we sow,
Within our poetry?

When using our own gift from God,
What do we glorify?
Do we praise the pretty flowers,
Or our Father on high?

Does the world fill our poetry?
Or do we write for Christ?
Which muse do we heed the least?
By what are we enticed?

Our honesty is not required.
God knows what truth confirms.
Choosing this world's philosophy,
Opens a can of worms!

This poem was a finalist in the June 2022 poetry contest

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