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The Joy of Life

by Bob Johnson

Life can be rough with its twist and turns,
When struggles and troubles cause many concerns,
But beauty we see also, if we so choose,
Like flowers and chocolate and comfortable shoes,
Walking the beaches with nice ocean breezes,
And pulling out victory from tight little squeezes,
Gaining your balance from a new bicycle ride,
And playing a game as a kid while you hide.
We can focus our thoughts, one way or the other,
But the true joy of life comes only from another.
His name is Christ Jesus, the only author of joy,
It comes not from an experience, or some shiny new toy.
So, if you're suffering today, anxiety, depression or fear,
Take heed of this poetry, I've posted right here.
There is comfort awaiting, it doesn't cost a dime,
It's the free gift from Jesus, the creator of time.
So hope in the Lord Jesus, this day not lust,
The God of all comfort is the only one you can trust.

This poem won first place for the July 2022 poetry contest

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