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Reformation Day

by Kevin Smead © 2022

It was October 31,
Year 1517,
The darkness partly was reversed
As all the world has seen.

A monk, frustrated by abuse,
Nailed to the church house door,
95 thesis to reduce
The faith back to its core.

He challenged the indulgence sales,
Not just to pick a fight,
But hoping that he could compel
Debates on what was right.

He preached assurance could not come
By what money could buy,
In many ways he beat that drum
This truth to magnify.

He said the merits of the saints
Would profit not at all.
Many such were his complaints,
As best I can recall.

The greatest treasure, he proclaimed,
Is Christ and gospel grace,
And this teaching must reclaim,
In church its rightful place.

This work of Luther was a spark,
From there the movement spread,
The light was shining in the dark,
The word of God was read.

Resistance to the cause increased,
But many did applaud.
All Christians now were viewed as priests,
With access straight to God.

And the promise of acceptance,
By faith and faith alone,
This, this was the essence,
Melting hearts of stone.

It's Halloween the masses say,
And many say it's fun.
We call it Reformation day,
And celebrate the Son.

No matter denomination or
What your own church is named,
All Christian's can be thankful for
The truths that were reclaimed

This poem won first place for the October 2022 poetry contest

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