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Life is an Adventure

by Kristine Stanton © 2021

Energy's flowing, can you feel it within?
O, life's an adventure about to begin.
Now, fasten your seatbelt and look straight ahead.
Don't ever look back, there is nothing to dread.

The ride may be bumpy, but that is okay,
you're never in danger when God leads the way.
Obey His instructions, please listen to Him,
and He'll steer your ride far away from all sin.

The ride may continue to go up and down,
through peaks and through valleys, where faith can be found.
Please keep your eyes open and fixed on the Lord,
and you'll be amazed as He opens closed doors.

The doors may be many, or they may be few.
God will unlock them—He'll unlock them for you.
Have faith in the good Lord and reach for His hand.
Trust He'll protect you, and the ride will be grand.

This poem won second place for the January 2023 poetry contest

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