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Virgin Pure

by louis gander

One time a horrid thing occurred, but I'll keep that unspoken -
except to tell you how I felt - so sad, depressed and broken.
There's evil all throughout this world that eyes may never see,
but we can feel results of sin - and that, I guarantee.
So many have endured the pain, the torture, wounds and strife -
but hidden is satanic stains that steal away the life.

No soap and water cleans up sin. There's no 'work' we can do.
It's principalities we fight and faith will pull us through.
It took me years to realize that it's all in God's hand,
but let me tell my story first - so you may understand.
The fault was certainly not mine. I tried to just pretend
that others understood my pain about what really happened.

But like a vault, that pain was locked down deep inside my head.
Those reoccurring nightmares came each time I went to bed.

My mind was haunted day and night. Those nightmares? They were true!
I bathed and showered. Nothing worked! ...t'was nothing I could do.

Oh, how I tried! I used good soap, used all the soap I could,
but nothing washed away that sin. It wasn't any good.

Was I so blind for remedy, that I just couldn't see -
the answer? Then I realized, that it was not of me.

No, there was nothing I could do, but search and search and search,
but that's when I discovered Him. The answer was in church.

God's house. That's where He was. God sent His only Son.
Dark, sinful nightmares went away when His love had begun.

Once nightmares kept me up all night. I'd roll and turn and toss.
But then I thought, "Did Jesus sin when He was nailed to cross?"

Christ, like me, was innocent! It wasn't my Lord's fault!
Though Satan locks those horrors in, God opens tomb and vault!

No tomb could ever hold Him there! Sin can't imprison lives!
No vault can lock us up again when Jesus Christ arrives!

HIS LOVE has made me whole again and wasn't that my goal?
Yes, that my friends, brings me to tears. He cleans both body, soul.

The joy I have, now fills my heart. The problem's not with skin.
He wiped away those horrors and He brought me peace within!

So every time those thoughts come back - those things that are no more,
it's then that I remind myself that Christ wins every war.

Despicable, their ugly sin and blacker still, than coal,
but Christ gives peace of mind from sin. God cleansed my very soul.

No, baths and showers do not work and there's no other cure -
but Jesus, born of Mary, is. He made me virgin pure.

Psalm 35:9
King James Version

"And my soul shall be joyful in the
Lord: it shall rejoice in his

This poem won second place for the December 2014 poetry contest

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