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Life Renewed

by Dave Mudford © 2023

Wandering on the western plains,
Searching for my missing rains,
Red earth stark against blue sky,
Why have good times past me by!

Dry bones wasting in the sun,
Flies buzzing, a constant hum,
Roo's eat me out of house and home,
Hope disappears where'er I roam.

Heat haze shimmers and highlights hard,
Drought delivers the harshest card,
Serenated by the dingoes howl,
Sorrow's lingo, is on the prowl.

Haunted by the kookaburra's laugh,
No one there fighting on my behalf,
My perceptions have lost their sight,
Now blinded from His guiding light.

Time to be still, and remember life,
Treasuring always my darling wife,
Holding tight, promises God has given,
Remembering grace is His decision.

Life renewed on the western plain,
Knowing God, is my missing rain,
Calvary's earth red; stained by His blood,
Pours into my heart a blessings flood!

Note: Explanation of Australian slang and terms:
Roo's = Kangaroos
Lingo = Language/Speach
A Kookaburra is an Australian native bird whose call sounds like a laugh
A Dingo is a native Australian wild dog (like a wolf)
Western Plains is the area my farm was located - often known for its red soil

This poem won first place for the February 2023 poetry contest

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