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Purchased In Red

by David Causby © 2023

We can't see the red
Of the blood that was shed
Long ago on Calvary's tree,
But the power of the blood
Is a great cleansing flood
That will purge from sin those who believe

From the veins of the Lord,
It ran down the board
And stained the hard ground with its hue;
Though its power can save all,
Many won't heed the call,
But salvation's received by the few.

For He rose from the dead,
And the followers He led
Watched Him rise into clouds of the sky,
But one day very near
The great call we shall hear,
Then we'll rise up to meet Him on high.

On His wounds we will gaze,
Through eternity's days
Living ever with Him, as He said;
We'll behold His dear face
And remember the place
Where this moment was purchased in red.

To young and to old
The truth must be told
Of the power of this fountain of love,
For its worth has not waned
And true life can be gained
When you trust in the Saviour above.

This poem was a finalist in the February 2023 poetry contest

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