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The Long Journey Home

by Bob Johnson © 2022

I wandered near and I wandered far,
Sometimes by plane and sometimes by car,
I wandered alone to find my rest,
A noble knight on a noble quest.

But along the way, I stumbled and fell,
Rather losing my way on a paved road to hell.
I did not really recognize this wide path at first,
until the rising heat, caused a rising thirst.

Where was I going? How did I stumble and fall,
my memory was fading, I could no longer recall.
In darkness I wandered throughout the long night,
unaware how my dark course, would appear in the light.

So, thanks to the stranger, who saw me stagger and sway,
A wise fellow traveler, also seeking the way.
He had been much further, down the road I now walked,
and was eager to guide me, so I stopped and we talked.

Though try as he did to convince me to leave,
my heart was steadfast, I would not believe.
Because the prize that I sought was just up ahead,
Surely turning back now would cause only dread.

So, I pressed on and struggled, on up that steep slope,
weighed down with much baggage, but still full of hope.
Surely my glory lies beyond that next rise,
could the words of the stranger, been only lies?

He seemed so refreshed and at peace in his voice,
my head and my heart now wrestled the choice.
Engaged in mind struggle, when I arrived at that place,
desolate and empty, the results of my race.

Suddenly a new voice pried into my brain,
warning of danger, disappointment, and pain.
What was I doing, had I considered the cost?
Now alone and afraid and convinced I was lost.

Lord Jesus come rescue, I fell to my knees,
I'm lost and I'm broken, will you help me please?
Returning from that edge, along the path filled with glee,
along came a new stranger, who looked just like me.

He stumbled and staggered much like I had walked,
So, I too tried to tell him, like the traveler we talked.
And as we departed, he picked up the pace,
a decision to be made, when he arrived at that place.

Would he press on or cry out, when he arrived at that hill,
God's voice never forces, rather accepts our free will.

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