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The Shadow Of The Cross

by Edward Nickerson

I stand in the shadow of the cross,
As it stretches out across a sinful world.
When Christ that sacrificial Lamb,
Wore the sin of man, Satan's wrath unfurled.
He had no sin that He could call His own,
A spotless Lamb before God's throne,
He paid sins price upon that tree,
To give redemption so full and free.

I stand in the shadow of the cross,
As a Gentile in my greatest time of need.
Did he have to pay, in a cruel sad way,
Was my sin, why He now must bleed?
It doesn't seem fair, with his mother there,
Why her son on that cross would now die?
In his anguish and pain, her salvation to gain,
He'd return to His great Father on high.

I stand in the shadow of the cross,
An eternal Redeemer I needed to find.
The promised Messiah so willing to pay,
Brought hope, peace and love to my mind!
The King of the Jews, was a message so true,
Yet rejected by the servants of God.
For He lay down His life in anguish and strife,
For Heaven's glory He departed this sod.

I stand in the shadow of the cross,
The sky turned black as the darkest night.
When Heaven gained, and earth sadly lost.
Ten thousand angels not allowed to fight.
When Satan cast all the wrath he knew,
Crucify our Lord, His life was through.
God turned His back, hid Christ from view,
God's Son died alone for both me and you.

I stand in the shadow of my spiritual cross,
For from the cross, in a stone hewn grave.
He won that battle between life and loss,
And for my sin ways, His life He gave.
Salvation gained both full and free.
"It is finished" he cried in his agony,
The battle won, o'er that empty tomb,
A price I could now pay now offered me!

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