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Twixt Life @ Death

by DRussell

Why do you feel so lost and without hope as a person?
Poverty of the soul will weaken the spirit as it worsens.
Satan does afflict the heart with starvation in the soul.
A persons soul that is deprived of "The Bible," isn't whole.
Your attitude is that there is no God, what is the big deal.
"The Bible", is just a fable it deceives for it's not true or real.

Just take a look at what's inside your heart not what's about.
What is causing the soul to never believe causes the drought.
Are you so famished that your spirit can't even rise up?
You feel that there are no reasons for you to live you're fed-up.
There's no one that sees into the soul of your heart it will die.
Have you never heard the gospel message of hope to fix sin's lie?

Who are you fooling it's not people who know what you are.
Whether you go to church or not even if you're an all-star.
Spiritual poverty is not visible to one that does not know God.
It doesn't take one long to figure out why you are at odds.
Rich or poor, the guy next door, we can save the perishing.
Not fiddling our time away while we are just out cat fishing.

Yes, one can go to worship but their spirits are not right.
Sit on the pew to gossip about others day or night.
Sing the hymns, pray, but within are full of evil and sin.
Let's wake up time is growing short let the Holy Spirit, in.
He can do a work in you that no other can do, and waits,
To give you a desire to show one that it is never too late.

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