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by Karen Buchholz © 2007

I raged against
my troubled life,
looking toward the sky.
“Is someone there to help me out?
Why won’t you even try!”

An angel’s voice
spoke clear and sweet;
she bade me kneel and pray.
And as I did as I was asked
I saw the lighted way.

It seemed the years
so dark and vast
were suddenly erased.
The beauty of God’s golden light
shone warmly on my face.

By God’s pure love
and healing power
my soul was reassured.
He’d always been there by my side
to see that I endured.

I ceased to place
the blame on Him
for conflicts in my life,
I was the source of my own pain,
creator of my strife.

On bended knee
each morn and night
I carry my woes and fears.
And thank the Lord for all He’s done
to bless me through the years.

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