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Let Go Girl

by Sarah DeVries © 2007

She lays on her bed, her mind is racing.
She thinks about everything, but concludes nothing.
Tears stream down like rain from the sky.
Over and over she continually asks “why?”.

How long before her broken heart is repaired?
This was one thing for which she was not prepared.
Girl, for answers you need to look elsewhere,
And that somewhere is really right there.

Go to God in heartfelt prayer
Instead of stewing in your dispair.
He is waiting for you to give up your cares to Him
Don’t worry, He knows exactly what to do with them.

Do you have the faith to let go?
Don’t fear what you do not know.
Living for God means not knowing where you’ll be lead
But life lived any other way is really just dead.

Put in Him sll of your trust,
For He knows your circumstances best.
So when you feel so far away,
Do not run, but instead stay.

Endure it until its all over,
For out of it will come nothing other,
Than a heart full of joy - inexpressibly wonderful.
Having complete trust in God makes you unmoveable.

Dry those tears off your face,
And the God that loves you with perfect love, embrace.
Don’t be afraid of what God puts in your life
In Christ who strengthens you, you will survive.

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