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I don’t live there

by Michelle

I don’t live there any longer,
where hearts are always breaking.
The grace I found is stronger,
I will never be forsaken.

I don’t live there any more,
there where nothing is ever enough.
What joy I have in store,
a softened heart where once it was tough.

I don’t live there any longer,
where joy comes from chemicals,
where fear is always stronger,
I’ve come to the land of miracles.

In the land of Galilee,
he came to his beloved.
But by the yeast of the Pharisee,
his nature remained uncovered.

But as many that were cast,
under the man on the cross,
are as many that passed,
from death without loss.

They don’t live there any more,
they sit in heavenly places.
What glory they have in store,
one being of many faces.

A sister to Christ,
heavenly giants in disguise,
from her mouth protrudes light,
never shall she see her demise.
They lived in despair,
but now in The Strong Tower,
over the prince of the air,
and his diminished power.

Luke 22:19-20. . .This do in remembrance of me. Matthew 28:1-6 - He is not here: for He is risen. Remember what our Lord and Savior did for us.

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