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My Prayer To The Lord

by Catherine Howell

Peel off the sin that so easily besets
Peel off the lies, the hurts, the regrets
Peel off the anger that so often ties me down
And give me joy instead of a frown

Take all of my doubts and throw them away
Indwell me, and give me the right words to say
Put a new song in my heart, to show others your love
Fill me with grace, with mercy, and purity from above

Please stay close, and don't let me fall
Let me know you are here, let me hear your call
Revive me Lord, so I'm filled with your light
And take away my darkness, take away my night

Live through me, heal the battered, the worn
Heal the rejected ones, and those who are torn
Let people see you in my eyes
Touch the broken ones, and those who cry

And those who think "they've got it together"
Show them how it would be "to not live forever"
Then draw them in, forgive them please
Convict them, until they fall on their knees

And please take the love of the world from me
So I can love the sinners, so I can help them see
That the world is an enemy to your Blood, to your Cross
Show them Lord, save them from being lost

Then please come soon, don't wait too long
Because everything in this world's going wrong
The quicker you come, then I'll finally see
My chains will be loosed, and my heart will be free.

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