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The Cost

by ceeteeaye

You say that I should yield,
With faith my only shield
'Gainst pain that I must know.
You say that You will fill,
And my disquiet still -
But, then all this must go.

You say I have no claim,
On health, or wealth, or fame -
For I belong to you.
You say that naught is mine -
The things that I resign
Are less than You are due.

I know that You will fill
And my disquiet still,
I want this to be so.
But, Lord, I fear the pain
Of giving yet again!
Please help me to let go.

This wild intensity -
Such joy - such agony!
There is so much to lose.
But, though the cost is great
I firmly abdicate -
Your way - the cross - I choose.

The pain has come... and gone!
I struggled for so long -
It seemed so much to lose.
But, now I've given all,
And, though my gift is small,
It's there for You to use.

This poem was a finalist in the April 2007 poetry contest

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