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Our Creator

by Cheryl D Robins

God made the snow capped mountains
Which majestically line the horizon
He created waterfalls and fountains
Which resemble bridal veils even when frozen

He made the grass and morning dew
That sparkle in the early light
He created night and each day anew
Which are different but both a lovely sight

He made trees with umbrellas to shade
That cast shadows all over the ground
He created colours that never fade
That are so many and all around

He made different shapes in the sky
Which are the clouds that stand proud
He created creatures that walk and fly
That all over the earth can be found

He made blue oceans that go so deep
That go around the world forever
He created little creatures that creep
That are scary to be with together

He made man as an image of Him
That can talk and walk and sing
He created perfection but sadly there's sin
Which He will forgive if to Him you bring

God created a life eternal
Which is a gift if you believe
He made Himself our Father maternal
As it was you He chose to conceive

So as He ordained your time of birth
As your wonderful and loving creator
He too ordained your fate on earth
So follow His will as your loving narrator

ROM 6:23
The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord

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