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Only God Can Heal

by Kevn Smead © 2020

This world is weighing heavy on our minds,
Cheers if anyone an answer finds.
For Angst beclouds our hopes, and now despair,
Has sunk its claws into us everywhere.

Our young, and that the brightest and the best,
Have given up the ancient noble quest,
For truth was so elusive that they fell,
Into the fire of a relativistic hell.

With nothing now to draw the upward glance,
We spy out one another for the chance,
To quench suspicion's ever growing thirst,
And tell ourselves that others are the worst.

Convinced that we have just this life to live,
We seek our best life now, and do not give
A passing thought to providence, so chance,
Rules the day and calls out every dance.

When will we stand flatfooted at the base,
And realize our need for sovereign grace?
And turn our ear to truth revealed, divine,
Then sitting at the table we shall dine.

How long shall this wretched cancer grow?
How long shall we witness blow for blow?
We’ve shouted to the universe in pain,
But only God can heal and make us sane.

This poem was a finalist in the January 2020 poetry contest

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