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My own

by Matthew Haflett

Father help me to talk to you
Help me to pray
I have so many fears and troubles
But I don't know what to say

"What do you need my child?
Go with me on a walk
I'll be right beside you
As I listen to you talk"

We walked through the forests
We walked the distant land
A weight was lifted off of me
As the Lord took my hand

"My soul is troubled Father"
I heard myself say
"Sometimes it feels like
You don't hear me when I pray

They say the Christian life
Is meant to be shared with others
So why am I by myself?
Where are my Christian brothers?

Is it the tattoos that I have?
Is it the hair that's on my head?
Is it the fact that I am poor
And have only a bed to lay my head?"

I looked over at Jesus
Who was intently listening
But in his beautiful eye
A lone tear was glistening

"Is it because of my past life?
Because of my addictions?
Because sometimes it seems
They see only afflictions

Am I a seed that has grown
Out of the rocks?
Springing up quickly
But dead when sin knocks?

What am I doing wrong Lord?
Is there something I can't see?
Am I meant to walk alone?
Am I not who you want me to be?"

We walked through the valleys
We walked stride for stride
Nothing could replace the feeling
Of Jesus by my side

We climbed a lone tall mountain
And found a rock to rest
I sat next to my Father
As I cried upon his chest

We sat there for awhile
When I noticed a breeze
The leaves bristled below us
As it blew through the trees

"You know that I control this wind
It is I who sets things in motion
From the smallest snow flake
To the great waves in the ocean

I watch my sheep carefully
And you are part of my flock
But if you were around the others
Would we be talking on this rock?

It pains me to see you hurt
I could place friends to surround you
But would you be as close to me
If there were others around you?

I know you feel alone sometimes
But this couldn't be further from the truth
Look at the valleys below us
There you will find your proof

Do you see the tallest tree in the middle?
How it looks all alone?
It felt like you did once
But look how mighty it has grown!

I placed it by itself
So it could grow without distraction
When it needs taken care of
It is I alone who come into action

It isnt through the others leaves
That this grand tree get it's water and Sun
Its I alone who provide it
And look at how strong it's roots run

This tree knows me like no other
It calls out to me by name
I was the one who planted it
I alone nursed it when it was lame

I know it's hard to live your life
Without the comfort of the others
But that's when I'm nearest to you
And I am closer than a brother"

I looked up at Jesus knowing
That his presence took away my pain
I felt the greatest comfort knowing
What was loss was actually gain

"My child, my precious precious son
You're by yourself but you're never alone
I planted you and care for you there
Because I want you for my own"

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.