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God's Love

by Jana Labay

I've been thinking
how to describe the Love
of the Mighty One above.
How do you tell and explain?
All my efforts will be in vain.

He sends us the sunshine
when our life's full of rain
after the storm was ranging
He sends His token of Love again.
A mighty rainbow
like a bridge over the sky
It's just like God smiling to say
"Don't worry, I am yours and you are MINE!"

When emptiness, sadness and sorrows
fill our heart,
and we think, this is the hardest part,
in that very moment God opens my eyes
to see,
I fall on my knees ashamed of myself,
my thoughts, I plead:

God forgive me for giving up the battle,
when You won the war,
I am not going to settle on the road,
until I reach my Father's "HOME DOOR".

Then how do you write a poem
a story of God, the King?
What words do you speak?
What songs do you sing?

Each heart beat to praise
each breath to honour His Grace
each smile to thank for His goodness
and love.
Everyday, every year, every moment,
belongs to Him above.

Then how can you describe His Love?
There is nothing, nobody, nowhere, never ever just like our God!

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