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Ive been saved

by Matthew Haflett

I've felt loneliness
As a child
I've felt a mind
That's run wild

I've known the hurt
Of missing a son
Always wondering what
I should have done

I've seen a home
turn to ashes
Been hooked on
The drugs for the masses

I've known a life
Filled by greed
Always filled up
But always in need

I've known the feeling
Of being on the street
Just barely existing
A life with no beat

I've seen the world
Take a soul
Searching for answers
Life took it's toll

I know the pain
Of needing someone
Screaming for help
But finding no one

I've felt the despair
Of being locked in a cell
With only the stories
Those four walls could tell

Oh and I know the joy
Of being set free
Of meeting sweet Jesus
And his love for me

And I've felt the power
Of my saviors blood
The waves washed over me
Like a cleansing flood

I've felt the weight
Of a million boulders
Lifted right off of me
Right off of my shoulders

Oh and I've seen my sins
Be crumpled and tossed
Condemning me no longer
Their nailed to the cross

I've seen wool
Pulled out of my eyes
Exposing the truth
Of the enemies lies

I've felt a love
I could hardly endure
A love so strong
A love so pure

And I know The feeling
Of broken chains
Set free from the burden
Free from the pain

I've felt the love
The Father has for a son
It will never run out
He will never be done

What can I say
To a love that's so strong
When you've been so faithful?
And I've been so wrong?

I can do nothing to repay
The Grace I've received from you
So I'm on bended knee Lord
What will thou have me do?

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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