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It bites, it scratches

by Matthew Haflett

I try, so hard
To fight back sin
But it bites, it scratches
It finds it's way in

The tempting, the lying
I try to ignore
But it beats, it pounds
It bangs on the door

"Take this, do that"
I hear him say
The devil, so clever
He tries to find a way

With evil, and darkness
He tries to shake me
Oh Lord, My God
Don't let him break me

"You're alone, abandoned"
He whispers in my ear
"You cry out, you pray
But God will never hear"

"Why try? Why help?
In God's family you have no part"
He aims, he shoots
His poison goes right to my heart

"Its a phase, it'll pass
You've sinned way to much"
No thought, or nerve
That he doesn't try to touch

I beg, I plead
Lord please come and save me
There's evil, there's demons
That want to enslave me

Its then, the mountains
They begin to shake
The earth, it moves
The ground starts to quake

The Lord, My God
Shows but a bit of his power
The devil, the demons
Begin to scream and cower

"My Son, My child"
The Lord says to me
"In My hand, My grip
You will always be"

"My Spirit, My protection
Will always be inside of you
I'm with you, I'll always
Be in front, behind and beside you"

"You're mine, not his
But he still wants your loss
His bite, has no teeth
I knocked them out with the cross"

"My heavens, My universe
He wanted to have my power
My Glory? My throne?
He was more like an Angel for an hour"

"Don't be discouraged, don't despair
You have nothing to fear
You're mine, I love you
And I am always right here"

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.