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Deathbed conversation

by Matthew Haflett

I'll make this short
I know you have to go
There's something important
That you really need to know

Since Adam was created
We've had a problem called sin
Its been passed onto us
Every generation since then

Its clouded our minds
Its made us all sick
It continues to consume us
Like a burning candle wick

But God gave us an out
A truth to overcome a lie
He sent His son among us
He sent His son to die

He lived as a humble servant
Speaking of joy, peace and love
He taught about the beauty
Of our heavenly home up above

He performed miracles
He gave hope to the poor
He taught that he's always knocking
We just have to answer the door

For this the world despised him
For his love we showed hate
But his love for us continued
Knowing the cross would be his fate

We beat and spit and mocked him
We stripped his flesh from bone
But nothing would stop our messiah
Or what his blood would atone

He carried his own punishment
With a crown of thorns upon his head
He was weak and tired
But the cross would be his only bed

We put nails throughs his hands
His feet were pierced too
But he stayed there willingly
And he did this for you

And up on that cross
When God looked down upon his son
He poured out his wrath
He was finished, it was done

It was just three days later
When Jesus rose from the tomb
Satan had been defeated
Death was no longer our doom

And even though I know
This might be hard to conceive
All he wants in return
Is for you to confess and believe

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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