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Cowboy In Heaven

by John Walsh

At the gates I met Saint Peter, but the gates were swinging doors
Inside the room looked like a old saloon, with sawdust on the floor
Through the air played country music, I could hear my favorite song
Everyone I'd ever loved and lost, was inside and sang along
I turned back towards Saint Peter, I said I just don't understand
He smiled at me so gently, than he reached out for my hand
He welcomed me to heaven; said your faith is what you see
This will be your new forever, then the angels sang to me

You're a cowboy in heaven; that's the way it's meant to be
You're a cowboy in heaven; go and see your family
Your life began the day you died; now giddy up and get inside
You're a cowboy in heaven; it's time to meet your destiny

As I walked in through those swinging doors, my heart was beating fast
Reminders every where's I looked, of the life that now had past
The life I lived, was the life I loved, where the Lord had assured every need
My hat and my horse, my boots and of course, the Good Book that I took time to read
Everyone inside had died, yet today they all were livin'
Singing songs and carrying on, like their sins have been forgiven
I turned back to look for Peter, he just smiled at me and waived
Right then I knew, God's promise was true, and the life that I loved had been saved

I'm a cowboy in heaven; like I always prayed to be
I'm a cowboy in heaven; still in awe at all I see
My life began the day I died, cause now here on the other side
I'm a cowboy in heaven; but why would God do this for me

The whole place got real quiet, until I heard somebody say
The spirit is upon us; let us all join hands and pray
Than suddenly in front of me, a vision has appeared
A man I'd never met before, in a robe, and with a beard
He told me He'd been watching, what a good job I had done
He put His arms around me, and He said "I Love You Son"
I've never felt such joy before, complete and utter bliss
I knew that I was home for sure, when Jesus told me this

You're a cowboy in heaven; that is what I chose for thee
You're a cowboy in heaven; where your soul is now set free
Your life began the day you died, and now you'll walk along My side
You're a cowboy in heaven; because you believed in ME
You're a cowboy in heaven; because you believed in ME

This poem won 1st place for the November 2007 poetry contest

Please contact John Walsh at "[email protected]" to request permission to use this poem.