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There is a reason

by Matthew Haflett

Father I'm losing it
Seems like the devils got my number
His evil does not sleep
His temptation knows no slumber

"I see you tried and failed
Just like always
You thought you changed
But Its just like the old days"

What's wrong with you?
Do you think it's that easy?
Think God would use you?
Someone that's so measly?

Look at the world
Who your God has got
Diplomas and intelligence
Use you? I think not

He goes for the throat
The devil is hitting hard
Turning me into glass
Smashing every shard

Look at the Bible
You can read the scripture
But a nobody like you
Is not in God's picture

Do you think you can run?
Get away from your addictions?
They cry out your name
Anytime your life has friction"

His weapons cut me deep
Like a razor sharp blade
Leaving scars on my heart
That I pray will someday fade

"This isn't the road you want
You know where it leads
Disappointment and failure
Just go back to your basic needs

Do you think that the almighty God
Could use a man with no talents?
When so many lives and souls
Are hanging in the balance?"

I'm shaking my head
Trying to deny what he's saying
But this pain takes me to my knees
All I can do is start praying

"Lord I understand
If I'm not someone you can use
But please help me Father
I can't take much more of this abuse

Your word says that you give me
The desire in my heart
But why is it there
If he can tear it all apart?"

"Do you think God hears you?"
The devil intervenes
"He's got better things to do
Better people, better scenes"

"This ends now"
Says My Lord the almighty
"You've seen my anger before
Do you really want to fight me?"

I turned around
But all I could see was a trail of smoke
The devil had fled
As soon as the Lord had spoke

"Do you know why he tempts you?
The Lords voice is soft and clear
He hates that you tell people of me
That I might win souls is his fear

He aims to take you down
Beat you into submission
I only let pass what will help you
To accomplish my mission

His words backfired on him
You know that his words aren't true
If you weren't doing my work
Would he have any interest in you?"

Thank you Lord
For helping me to see when I wouldn't
I praise you Father
For fighting my battles when I couldn't

Ephesians 6:11

“Put on the whole armour of God,
that ye may be able to stand against
the wiles of the devil.”

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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