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Undone Because of Your Son

by Lance Leister

When you told your son he's the One
did he break down and cry?
Was he but a child, carefree and wild
when you said, "You were born to die"?

Or did you wait to tell him his fate
until he was a young man?
Stronger in mind, able to find
the courage to understand?

Was he full grown when he was shown
the millions who'd call out his name?
For whomever believes surely receives
salvation in place of their shame

When he was stripped and brutally whipped
did you have to turn away?
Did your heart break for your son's sake
knowing the price he would pay?

What do you see inside of me
that's worth this hefty price?
How can you bear to show me care
when I killed the Holy Christ?

Tell me Lord how I can afford
a love that is given for free?
I'm forever undone because of your Son
and what He suffered for me

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