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Diamond in the Rough

by Danette Kettwich © 2007

I was once a hopeless, lost diamond, concealed in the dark.
In a wretched and dismal cave where, no light could touch my heart.

The Lord reached in and found, this rough and filthy stone.
From out of the immense darkness, He claimed me as His own.

He set to labor immediately, His love always prevailed.
The reductions made with clarity, using a hammer and three nails.

The cuts were not without, struggle, growth and pain,
But with each came a brighter glow; a new lesson gained.

After the cutting was complete, His brilliance now could shine.
Luminous for all to see, a radiant diamond now refined.

I am far being from flawless; He's perfecting my luster still,
This diamond in the rough, being transformed within His will.

I occasionally become tarnished, I still can find the dirt and grime,
But He always finds and inspires me, once again to shine.

I know someday I will reflect, with His pure and flawless light,
In the radiance and presence of Jesus, the Illuminator of my life.

This poem was a finalist in the December 2007 poetry contest

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