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He Knelt Down for Me

by Carol Grace

The woman, caught in her sin,
knew the penalty was death
yet Jesus knelt down
writing on the ground.

He knelt down for me.

The crowd demanded stoning
after all it was the law,
but Jesus continued writing
for He quickly saw the flaw.

He knelt down for me.

The people read the words
Jesus wrote for all to see.
Were they words of forgiveness?
Did they include you and me?

He knelt down for me.

Or did He remind them
what the law really said,
that both guilty parties
would be stoned until dead?

He knelt down for me.

Then He issued one last challenge
to he who has no sin,
pick up the stone and cast it,
the crowd then quickly thinned.

He knelt down for me.

To the woman he said with kindness
go and sin no more.
To me the message is still the same
and His grace still freely pours

to cover my sin and sorrow
and to enable me to forgive,
to leave the stone uncast, unthrown,
so that redeemed sinners could live.

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