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Sale of Soul

by Alice Alice

I was the girl with the little chubby cheeks,
And the new shoes with room to grow.
I danced I sang, with a heart of joy,
I hadn’t tasted woe.

Playing in the surf almost every day,
Making new friends every week.
I was the girl with the smile on her face,
I had the world at my feet.

Soon I became the candy coated teen,
A world of opinion to impart.
I was headstrong, demanding, yet smiling and sweet,
Running headstrong into the dark.

Sitting with friends, and talking to boys,
Laughing at all of the “freaks”.
I was fashion, and makeup, with my saccharine fame,
The world though, was swallowing my feet.

I left my home, school and family behind,
I heard a rumour other pastures were green,
The plan was to find myself and my life,
I thought I would follow my dream.

I met my prince charming, the “love of my life”
He held me as we travelled the road.
But soon things fell completely apart,
My prince turned into a toad.

Our nights were filled with drama and drugs,
Then emptiness in the comedown of day.
My smile became shallow, as did my brain,
My dreams were washed away.

Our rent lay unpaid, our relationship in tatters,
My prince was all screams and yells.
I cried, I hid, way deep inside my head,
And I realised I’d need to fix it myself.

Looking in the papers, but finding no work,
And I realised I had nothing to sell.
Except for my legs and my ass and my breasts,
And I sold my dignity as well.

Pieces of my soul seemed to get left on the floor,
Of every strange man and hotel.
My body felt numb, I hated my life,
My prince, my heart and myself.

I looked in the mirror, I felt aged and dead,
My mind seemed hollow and dredged.
No sleeping, no eating, no laughing, no smiles,
The world was over my head.

Then out of an alley walked a man in a cloak.
His head was covered with veils.
At first full of fear, I hid from view,
I’d learnt to trust no male.

The man kept on walking, and he knew where I hid.
How he saw me I couldn’t decide.
He told me his name, in a low gentle tone,
He asked if he could walk by my side.

At the sound of his voice, I felt humbled and meek.
Like nothing from part of this world.
He took my hand, and led my away,
I followed like a little girl.

I closed my eyes, my heart flooded back,
My soul felt restored and renewed.
I wanted to serve him, to love and thank him,
For making my life brand new.

But suddenly it struck me, ‘what did he want?’
Why would he do this for free.
I asked him and he replied with a smile,
“For my child you are born of me.”

He stroked my hair, and sat me down,
He knew my every heart beat,
“My daughter” he said as he touched my cheek.
“Now on, this world is UNDER your feet.”

I walked away, a changed woman that day,
In my life, my heart and my brain.
My spirit was free, thanks to that man,
He had broken all of the chains.

Now people see me around, and they all want to know,
Why my face is filled with light.
I tell them of the man, and the way he changed my heart,
How he turned my wrongs to rights.

One inquisitively asked, “What was his name?
This man who changed your life?”
I smiled as my eyes filled with tears, replying-
“It was Jesus…….my King…..the Christ”

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