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I Found Christmas

by Glory Nicholson © 2018

Not on the streets full of light,
Or in church decor sparkle bright.
But in my darkest desolated night,
When a little star of hope was sight,
I found Christmas.!

Not in the sound of Jingle bells,
Or in Carols that are sung so well.
But amongst noise of crying spells,
While shattering in Grace till soul yells,
I found Christmas.!

Not in cake that my mom bakes,
Or in love feast that family makes
But in hunger and heart-aches,
In getting strength when faith quakes,
I found Christmas.!

Not in greeting crowd 'Merry Christmas',
In gifts or cards or parade bus.
But in lonely moments full of fuss,
In struggle to find Christ of Christmas,
I found Christmas!

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