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Longing For Your Return!

by Danette Kettwich © 2008

Sometimes the longing is so great
That I can hardly stand the wait,
Caught in this dark shadow of a valley.

I long Lord, for Your sweet embrace
I long to see you face to face.
To see Your triumphant finale.

Once and for all eternity
Under Your wings of amity
I long for You my God, my King

I long with yearning oh so deep
Lift me from human nature's sleep.
Where in Holy presence I will sing.

I have a longing so deep, so deep, so deep for Your return!

Though I know you have plans for me
There's somewhere I would rather be.
Keep me focused on this job at hand.

Your staff and rod will comfort me
Until the trumpet calls finally,
Taking me from this dry desert land.

Someday in Your home I will live
Endless praise then my lips will give
When will this life here finally succumb?

Feeling the presence of Your grace
Anointing oil runs down my face.
Lord, I long so, for that day to come.

I have a longing so deep, so deep, so deep for Your return!

I sit here and I start to complain
Cause and effect of choices remain.
My longing deep, Christ, Your grace is wide

Breaking free from this life confined
Leaving humanity behind
I want to be there Lord, by Your side.

The right choices Lord, seem so hard
We're weary and we're battle scarred
Humankind filled without any concern

Wrong choices are so easy to make
How much rebellion will You take?
I have a longing deep for your return.

I have a longing so deep, so deep, so deep for Your return!

This poem was a finalist in the May 2008 poetry contest

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