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by Linda Williams © 2008

Martha, Mary and Lazarus dear,
Village life valued for year after year.
Martha was known for her skills with food
Mary, her faith and communion with God.

Wearied men, robed, and with dusty feet,
Inside their home, with affection did
Lazarus, host, poured out the best wine,
To brethren in mirth and sweet recline.

Fine food to serve, was Martha's role.
Houseguests to please her ultimate goal.
With bustling frame and confident air,
A kingly meal did Martha prepare.

Without an exception, a homemaker true.
Down to earth Martha her comfort zone
A hungry Mary, sat on the ground,
Edified richly by Words profound.
No earthly task could divide or distract
An attentive heart and thoughtful act.
A character reference filled with praise
Their gracious Guest, her spirit did

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