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A Father's Heart

by Clifton Berry © 2006

I'm sorry but my dreams for you in time were much too small
Constrained by my humanity I couldn't dream them all
Constrained by who I am I couldn't dream to meet your need
In all I am I'm much too small to dream the things you need

My Father dreams for me and plans my life in time and space
He brought me into being and He set me for a race
He set me in the earth where all my needs He could provide
He's walked with me in all I've done He's never left my side

My Father's big and when He dreams His dreams all come to pass
He knows enough that when He plans the first He plans the last
He's strong enough to bend the will of all to meet His goal
He's wise enough to let me fall and yet He saves my soul

His plans for me go forward even plans I do not know
While I'm playing in my sandbox heaven moves the earth below
Heaven acts for me to bring to pass the dreams of God for me
Heaven says it's done and bids me walk into eternity

Because my Father loves me I can dream for you His way
He can work through me to dream for you and bring you to the day
As you sleep and play and rest and grow and live with all your might
As your father I am dreaming large to bring you to the light

As I dream for you my Father tells me how by watching Him
When I look to Him I see a sacrifice on Calvary's limb
When I see the blood shed there I know that I must die for you
With The Spirit's help He grants my wish because His heart is true

How I love my Father's dreaming how I love to know I'm His
He goes to work for me each day to give me all that's His
He works without my knowing and He gives without return
His heart is great His strength supreme His wisdom is unlearned

Please make me such a father please teach me in the way
Please mold me to your liking please shape this clump of clay
Please clear the dross please spin the wheel please have your way with me
Please grant me grace to dream your dreams that we might dwell with Thee

"...Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy name." Matthew 6:9

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