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A Final Farewell

by Robert Hedrick © 2018

Child of God, our sweetest farewell comes
as we bid Satan goodbye,
We will be out of reach and out of touch
when we meet Jesus in the sky.
Finished with him for no longer will he be
able to tempt our soul,
He lost the battle whenever Jesus added
our name to heaven's roll.

Now the devil fed us lies that eventually
put us on the paths of sin,
From there, it was into situations where
we should never have been.
With his blinders in place, danger ahead
was out of sight,
In time, consequences were felt until the
truth finally came to light.

Then as Jesus was invited in, He put us
on a path narrow and straight,
Off of the road Satan had us on that led
into hell's fiery gate.
It's where he is headed, to an everlasting
fire through all eternity,
Until then, he will be busy trying to keep
souls from being set free.

Although our sins are forgiven, this crafty
deceiver want give us rest,
He's just waiting for mistakes to be made,
for then he is at his best.
So child of God, for as long as we are on
earth, Satan will be here without fail,
Yet the hour comes when we depart and
bid him a final farewell.

This poem was a finalist in the January 2018 poetry contest

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