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Prince of Peace

by Linda Berrett © 1994

He is the "Prince of Peace",
"The Messiah", Our Lord "Emanuel".
He lived and died to save our souls,
It's His story I'd like to tell.
He was born in a stable, on a wintry night,
The "son" of a carpenter, and his virgin wife.
In a swaddling cloth He was wrapped,
And laid in a manager, so He could rest.
In a little town called Bethlehem,
Wise men came to worship Him.
A bright star in the sky lit the way,
It Shone for them both night and day
Shepherds came from miles away.
To give Him gifts, their respects to pay.
His life was in danger from Herod the king,
Herod was evil and did terrible things.
So Mary and Joseph took their child and fled.
To a safe place to live til Herod was dead.
The Christ Child grew to be quite a young man,
Then he started to travel all around the land.
John the Baptist had paved the path,
For Jesus to come to do the rest.
He preached the Gospel, and spread God's word,
He tried to make sure that everyone heard.
How we could have eternal life,
Free from pain and trouble and strife.
Believe in the father and His only Son,
Who would give his life, to save everyone.
There were those who hated what Jesus said,
They plotted against Him so He would be dead.
Jesus knew there was a price to pay,
His life He must give when He was betrayed.
Judas, His disciple, was the wicked one,
Who betrayed Jesus Christ, God's only Son.
Jesus was bound, and taken away,
And turned over to Pilate, who had a say.
Christ could live, or die on the cross,
But Pilate wanted no part of the plot.
So he turned this man called "King of the Jews".
Over to the people so they could chose.
One can go free on this "Pass-Over" day,
A robber, or Jesus, ---the Jews had final say.
The ones against Jesus had their way,
The robber was freed, and Jesus stayed.
They made Him a crown of thorns to wear,
And cried out to Pilate, His life not to spare.
The Jews shouted and hollered, ----"Crucify".
For calling Himself God's Son, "This man must die".
They whipped Him and beat Him, and gave Him a cross.
To carry to a place called "Golgotha".
They nailed down His feet, and His hands to the cross,
While Mary, His mother, and Magdalene watched.
He was placed on the cross with two thieves by His side,
And the crowds grew larger, to watch Jesus die.
A darkness fell all over the land
As Jesus Christ suffered for the sins of man.
Jesus cried out "MY God! My God"
Why hast though forsaken me?
Then He breathed His last breath, and His spirit was free.
The soldiers came to be sure He was dead,
And pierced His side until He bled.
Christ was then wrapped in a shroud,
And laid to rest, away from the crowd.
On the third day, Mary came to His resting place,
To anoint His body after the Sabbath had passed.
The tomb had been opened, Jesus was gone.
He had risen from the dead at last.
His disciples wouldn't believe Christ was alive.
So Jesus appeared to them several times.
They were told to go all over the world.
To preach the gospel, and spread God's word.
They were told to tell people "He who believes"
Will live with Christ for eternity.
But for those who chose not to believe.
Your name in His "Book" God will not see.
He was raised on a cloud, to Heaven above.
Now he sits at the right hand of God.
And thence He shall come to judge.
The living and the dead.
Jesus Christ lives to come again.
To give us eternal life, free from sin.

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