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The Lord of Hope

by iAn Stephens © 2002

Do you know the depths of despair?
My friend I have been all the way there
Deep down in that fiery hellhole
That sucks away your immortal soul

No friends, no money and no hope for tomorrow
Completely lost and filled with sorrow
Searching searching for joy and hope
Life would be better at the end of a rope

Each day weighs heavily on ones heart
No energy to give your spirit a start
Life drags on forever it seems, so long
You feel you should have been an eternity gone

When you have given up and no longer care
Look up friend and Jesus will meet you there
He'll fill your heart with hope and love
Give your life an Almighty shove

Circumstances beyond description you'll bear
On your back without a care
The love of our Lord will have carried you there
Out of that place called despair

This poem was a finalist in the September 2008 poetry contest

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