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A Once Broken Believer

by Laynie Lingle

In the rough a child is born
To a world thats broken & forelorn
And the pain he hides is so unknown
He's scared of having his cover blown

But simple words are all he has
To explain the feelings they've never had
And he's so unsure if they understand
So he tries to teach himself to stand

But when he tries he always falls
And slams into a cold, hard wall
Nearly paralyzed from the hit
He can barely see the top of the pit

And he misses home so very much
Then his friends interfere & their fingers touch
Then they grab his hands and he's lifted out
Though they might not know what it was about

And in the silence a young boy cries
Inside he screams but echoes die
And then he's all alone again
And a darkened feeling covers him

And ever since the first tears came
Nothings ever been the same
He longs for the warmth of a human touch
But a child should never hurt that much

Now a teen on the verge of suicide
Goes up to the attic he's chosen to die
Shrouded in darkness he's never seen
He's lived his life an invisible teen

Silent tears fall as he walks to the chair
And his eyes never leave the noose hanging there
As he climbs to his fate he remembers his life
He remembers the tears and the sting of the knife

Because since dad left home things all went down hill
And it wasn't long before mom became ill
From the pills and the drugs that she took every night
She died in the hospital when she gave up on the fight

He depended on her because he had no friends
But the day that she passed , to him meant the end
No longer happy but only in pain
Now he's all alone and nothings the same

As he opens his eyes and takes one last look
He continues to walk and steps on a book
He then looks down to see what he stepped on
It's a book without dust but in his mind long gone

He picks it up feels the weight in his hand
Reads the title aloud but doesn't understand
He flips through the pages reads a chapter or 2
Only then does he realize what he needs to do

One thought of the noose and his stomach turns
In his once blackened heart a flame now burns
He climbs down from the attic the noose in his hand
He then runs to a barrel as fast as he can

Throws in the rope and an item or 2
As he watches his past build in flame he's renewed
Next he goes to his room takes out idols and such
Knowing that nothing could hurt him that much

And the next day at school he makes a few friends
He knows its his chance so this message he sends
He tells them of safety even in the dark
Then he goes home and reads from Matthew and Mark

Two days later he dresses up nice
And walks down the street with a thirst to suffice
He walks through the doors and sits right up front
The words spoken there are entirely blunt

He pulls out the book that he found days before
He stands for invitation he wants so much more
He again reads the cover of this life-changing book
The title reads "Bible" and for life he is hooked

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