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Always There--God's Love

by Hannah Poll © 2006

Lord, I know you are always with me,
Each and every day.
Now I understand and see,
That you are never far away.

You wake me each and every morning,
And you go with me throughout my day.
You make my heart rejoice and sing,
For the debt on Calvary you did pay.

When I am scared, confused and lonely,
All I have to do is call your name.
You hold my hand and comfort me,
Never changing, always the same.

I know that I do not have to go alone,
Along life's dark and uncertain road.
For to me you have made it known,
That I do not have to carry the load.

I put my faith and trust in you,
Lord, I want to do your will.
My love for you is so true,
Your presence in my life I feel.

Lord, I love you with my whole heart,
And I want to live my life for you.
I promise to do my part,
For to you I will always be true.

This poem won 2nd place for the March 2006 poetry contest

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