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Love like no other

by Cassandra Perez

I am your father that reigns above
I love u with an everlasting love
A love so deep no sea could compare
My plans for u I will declare
Plans to prosper and give u strength
As for the days of your life I know the length
I have great plans ready for you
Get in my word u will see it is true
My love for you will never end
I have came to make u my friend
I know every part of your being
Into your life there is so much i could bring
I will give u joy and give u rest
Give me your heart it is whats best
I give power to the week food to the poor
I can take your life and make it so much more
Seek my face not just my hand
We need a relationship on which to stand
Fall in Love with me as I am in with you
Make me a part of everything you do
I will supply your needs in every way
I will hear you when you pray
Nothing can separate your from me
All my glory I want u to see
I want to fill your heart with desire
Fill u with my Holy Ghost fire
Confess with your mouth I am Lord
To live with out me you cannot afford
My love is patient my live is kind
There is no other like it u will find

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