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by edward potts

I was a cripple pleading for alms,
That people in pity but in my palm,
My back was crooked, legs not straight
I was a beggar that lay at the gate.

My life was misery, no future for me,
None of the people cared about me,
They entered the temple, prayers were said,
For all they noticed, I might have been dead.

This day seemed no different as I lay at the gate,
My pockets were empty and the hour was late,
"Alms," I cried, couldn't they hear my plea,
Seems no one cares for a cripple like me.

Then two men stood before me their faces aglow,
There was something about them, what? I don't know,
I held out my hand expecting to receive,
But what happened next is hard to believe.

Look at me your victory is won,
You want silver and gold, but I have none,
But what I have I give unto thee,
In Jesus' name, Arise, He sets you free.

Something went through me. my body did shake,
Then he reached down and my hand he did take,
Power came through him, from his hand to mine,
I leaped to my feet, my whole body was fine.

The look on their faces was gentle and kind,
I felt such of a feeling of love so divine,
We entered the temple, those two men and I,
How the people stared as this cripple walked by.

How I ran, how I shouted, how I jumped with glee,
Look at this miracle that has happened to me,
My body is not crooked, my legs are not lame,
These two men gave it to me in Jesus name.

Then one of them spoke, it was Peter who said,
This comes from the power of one you thought dead,
His name is Jesus, He was God's only Son,
He is the Prince of Peace, the most Righteous One.

This poem was a finalist in the November 2008 poetry contest

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