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by Alan Annis © 2016

There is darkness in the softest heart,
And shadows in the brightest light,
There is blindness in the widest eyes,
And wrong even in our right.
For the minds of men need earn their grace,
Even though it's only given
When we still the workings of our hands,
And trust the work of He who's risen.

There is not one here who is righteous:
No, not nary a single one;
And never has there ever been,
Save the Father's perfect Son:
Who came to this world for us, to die,
Being crucified on Calvary;
To bring hope to a blinded world,
He chose death to set us free.

And so free we are, who accept grace,
Working not to earn what's given;
But laboring for Christ, our Savior,
The blessed Lamb, now risen.
For God's harvest is now nearing ripe,
And soon will come the time to reap;
Let us in darkness shed His light,
Let us labor, and not sleep.

For through the cracks in our hardened hearts
Pours out the light of the love of Christ,
Into a world which darkness fills,
Reaching deep into the night.
Who judges is with like judgment judged,
And with mercy is mercy given;
So said the one true King:
The only One who's risen...

This poem was a finalist in the September 2016 poetry contest

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