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Battle Won

by Mary Alamillo © 2008

In past honored wars
When braver men fought
And paid the price
Of freedom they bought

The crown of freedom
They knew would never see
Only promise of cause
And good fight to be

Young men starred with
Their chest in hands
Yearned for that time
In the battle lands

All revered
As they walked through halls
The dead were honored in print
And plagues on walls

Oh how far we've come
How little we see
How much to learn
From what is unseen

Sleepy saved in their grasp
Let go
Of battles they wish
Not to know

The enemy stands firm
In our midst not sight
No promise of freedom
No freedom from fight

Clenched behind a high fist
He wails
And temps the Saved
With mastered tales

Perhaps the greatest weapon
An enemy can engage
Is a cloud of mystery and
Props on a stage

Broken and despondent
Laundered in clear view
And those who doubt
Recon they knew

When braver men fought
When simple strategy took
Wars were planned
By Captains and books

Deception turns
Ugly to best
Marvels at distortion
Oh what a mess

Doctrines and discoveries
Self help do weigh
And measure human hearts
Where deceit is laid

Oh one man cries from his soul
Beg sin to take not its toll
But a contrite heart
You will not despise
And rescue us from our very lives

This poem was a finalist in the November 2008 poetry contest

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