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Stay Clear

by Mary Alamillo © 2008

Wake me from sleepy dreams
I pray
Walk with clear eye in your word
I'll stay

Like strings of priceless jewels
Held in noon sun shine
I walk in Your favor
And forever be mine

Stay clear and sharp
For evening approach
Stay calm and fearless
From every reproach

Mark depth and length
In my travels I go
And make haste
With seeds I plan to sow

Oh yet freedom is
At best a dream
For earth bound souls
Can only scheme

For mine can be found
By not seeking much
But extending a hand
For my Savior to touch

Mere mortal eyes can only
Hope to steal
The immortal fractions only
God reveals

Not by intellect won
Or knowledge obtained
But by the grace of GOD
And the One who was slain

This poem was a finalist in the November 2008 poetry contest

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