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Marching Orders from the King

by Alan Annis © 2016

There is an end to sorrow, if you only will but see
And an end to heartache, through peace only found in Me
But verily I say to you, this time is not that time
And this surely not the place to relax and unwind
I'm so very sorry, child, but this war is not yet done
I know it must seem strange to fight a war already won
But just keep your eyes on Me, and - prepare yourself to fight
This is, after all, a war - and we march to war tonight.

In this war you will take wounds, but just know I've raised the dead
I hung upon that cross, and from many wounds I bled
But yet, here I stand before you, He who has conquered death
And I will be beside you beyond your final breath
He who raised Me from the grave has given Me that power
I AM ever with you - fear not your final hour
Fight well, and with vicious mercy; in love, give no quarter
Now prepare yourself, my child - here are your marching orders:

Go unto this spiteful world and show love to all you meet
Teach them my holy words, and let mercy guide your feet
Encourage all the wounded, judge only right and wrong
Guard the poor and fatherless, and help the weak stand strong
Those are your marching orders, and there's battle to be fought
Now the time has come, my son - remember what I've taught
Stay safe within your Armor and keep My Sword close to hand
Your God walks beside you through this dry and dusty land ...

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